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A three-part webinar series addressing how innovative life science professionals are leveraging online discussion platforms to engage stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – Physicians, Patients, and Payers. This webinar series, hosted by Within3, will include live interviews with clinicians, review and discussion of actual use cases, and participation from global organizations that are realizing first-hand the benefits of removing the geographic and scheduling barriers that result from leveraging the latest innovations in stakeholder engagement.

The first webinar in this three-part Innovators in Life Sciences Series will take place on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST. Part one will focus on online discussion platforms in the healthcare industry. Discussion will include an overview history of platform options, how their limitations have impacted industry approaches, and how medical teams and marketers are evolving to leverage their power. Guest expert will be New Solutions Factory’s (NSF) Partner and Chief Creative Strategist Natanya Wachtel. Natanya, a former executive at Sanofi, now leader of a 20-person consulting consortium, will show you practical examples of how data analysis from online discussion platforms can take healthcare brands to a whole new level of market insight – driving more customer-centric strategy, messaging, and operations.


Lance Hill

Lance Hill

Natanya Wachtel

Natanya Wachtel
Partner, Chief Creative Strategist
New Solutions Factory

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Within3 is the leading software communications company for life science and healthcare organizations. Our online discussion platform allows organizations to compliantly engage physicians, nurses, payers, and patients in groups large or small. When engagement matters, companies choose Within3.


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