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Innovation can be disruptive, replacing existing markets and industries, but most often innovation is simply incremental. However even incremental innovation can be difficult to keep up with in a world living at cloud speed. As the lifecycle for changes in the payments industry continues to shorten, how are payment companies in Transaction Alley and Silicon Valley companies leveraging each other to improve the payment technologies and platforms used by retailers, consumers and banks?

we will cover the following questions

  • Transaction Alley / Silicon Valley – How are they reshaping each other when it comes to innovation in payments? What are the best practices for APIs and peering between the two?
  • What innovations do you see to help with data sovereignty and regulation for multinational companies dealing with payments data?
  • What areas in payments are or will become commoditized because of innovation? How do companies providing those services remain relevant?
  • Where does “As a Service” model fit in easing the cost of adoption for banks and retailers to new payments innovation? Where does it not fit?
  • In what areas will the payments industry see disruptive changes vs incremental changes in the near future?
  • What potential disruptions keep you up at night?

event participants




Anant Nambiar
SVP, Strategy and Payments
Synchrony Financial




Scott Scovel
General Manager & SVP Product Management
Meta Payment Systems




Arjun Singh
Managing Director & Head of Technology for Transaction Banking
MUFG Union Bank




Joe Stark
Head of Americas




Lance Homer
Global Head of Strategy for Electronic Payments




Christienne Genaro
Paygility Advisors




Subu Musti
VP Product Management & Innovation, Digital Wallets




David True
General Manager
SEQR Payments

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While there is no cost to attend this event we do require that registrants attend, for the benefit of all involved.

March 2, 2017

Gabriel Kreuther
41 W. 42nd Street
New York, NY

12:00pm – 2:00 pm

attendee profile
50 senior business and technology leaders from major issuers, card networks, acquirers/processors, payment gateways, retailers, smart phone manufacturers, mobile networks, POS/payment terminal manufacturers, and social media companies


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