Business Development Institute is a marketing agency that specializes in the planning and production of private corporate events. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in the heart of New York’s Financial District, BDI is powered by a small, diverse team of staffers that conceptualize, plan, and execute events from start to finish.

Work is fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding; our large portfolio of high-profile clients covers multiple industries in every major city in the United States. Given a steadily increasing demand for private events in the B2B tech industry, BDI is and will continue to grow as we take on more clients.

For the right candidate, BDI is an excellent place to jump-start an ambitious career in event production and marketing.


Competitive salary
Health & Wellness
Company Matched 401K
Transit Benefit Program

Company Culture

It’s really our team that makes BDI a successful company.
Our culture is how we work together to keep moving forward.

At BDI you will…

    There are no worker bees at BDI. Whether we’re brainstorming an event topic, launching a media campaign, or designing a webpage, the whole team is involved in making the decisions that steer our business forward. Our open office makes sure that there’s free communication between every member of the team, from the CEO to the interns and with everyone in between.
    A happy team is a productive team, which is why we value comfort over fashion at the office. Do you do your best work in your socks? Get your focus while following along with This American Life? Need twelve bonsai trees on your desk in order to find your zen? Whatever you need in order to do your best work – it works for us.
    “New York City transit is so easy!” said literally no one ever. We know that sometimes hoofing it all the way into the office can do more harm than good to your productivity. If a blizzard hits, the MTA goes on strike, or you suspect you’ve contracted Ebola, go ahead and hit the home office. As long as you have reliable Wi-Fi and a cell signal, we’re flexible when it comes to working from home.
    Sometimes the best thing to do for your office is get out of it, and that’s something that BDI understands well. Our calendar is filled with events – and not just the kind that we get paid to plan. Between our annual #BDIBeachDay, a spontaneous happy hour, a holiday party, or just a group lunch out during the day, we’re always finding excuses to hang out as a team.
    BDI’s top priority is always top talent when it comes to hiring employees, but we’re proud to say that our workforce boasts industry-leading figures on diversity in the workplace. We come from a wide range of perspectives, cultures, ethnicities, spiritual values, and beliefs. And, of course, we’re an equal opportunity employer – so we can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table.
    At BDI, we’re big fans of boundaries. You’ll never find yourself hunched over your desk at night, burning the midnight oil. The key to being happy at work is having a healthy life outside of it, which is why we offer generous vacation time, paid holidays, and a lenient family-leave policy.

Have You Got What It Takes?

We’re looking for driven, ambitious, goal oriented professionals who want to work hard, make a difference, and succeed. Does this sound like you?

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